who is your elizabeth

Now a question you should ask yourself, who is your Elizabeth? In Luke 1: 41&42, when Mary received the greatest good news from the angel in her life, she had no husband to confide in. H er first instinct after the visit from the angel of the Lord was to immediately go out and seek advice from her cousin Elizabeth. Mary didnít waste any time, she went with haste. As a Christian who is your Elizabeth? Who do you rush to in a hurry? Who do you seek for your Godly counsel?

If you don't have an Elizabeth of your own, ask God to grant you one. Below are a few characters to look for in your Elizabeth:

. Have a steadfast walk with the Lord
. Gives Godly counsel in truth & Love about faith, marriage, career among others not forgetting (s)he intercedes for you.
. Be someone whom you desire to learn from.
. Rejoice in your success.
. Shouldn't be in competition with you or insecure with your achievements.
. See your God-given gifts and help you grow them
. Shouldn't remind/ condemn you of your past failure and habits

When I think about that, I turn around and ask myself am I an Elizabeth to someone? Sometimes we take close friends to be our Elizabeth but in the long run we end up being betrayed by them. Ask God to show you your right Elizabeth.

As we seeking for our "Elizabeths", we should be in position to be the true good "Elizabeth"s to others. Take a moment and ask yourself " Who is my Elizabeth?" or " I am an Elizabeth" to someone.

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