three to thrive by lyrical mycheal
THREE TO THRIVE! by Lyrical Mycheal

I believe the greatest killer of potential in our generation today is the constant look out for a pay cheque! What bothers me most is even before some body has truly grown their gift and brightened their light to a recognisable path of monetary gain they will still keep it number one on there priority list and sadly very many half baked cakes are not picked at display.

We live in a world where there are billions of distractions every single second. You will agree with me some of these distractions have massive promise of immediate gain to us. Some times its monetary, Influential etc…For somebody looking for security and independence it is very easy to pursue such shining objects forgetting to shine their own light!

One of the things that have helped me to build my budding musical career and the Wuluguma Foundation of the Arts is i learned how to say NO and for this i am so glad i kiss my self every day. Take this from the daily requests that you get in your life. If you find yourself available for everyone and for anything, you are not focused. If anything, you are spreading yourself and for that that you love or are passionate about thin. Focus only on that which grows your light, making it shine brighter. Anything that does not make you shine brighter in terms of your purpose, your calling or reason for living, say no to it, no matter how much it promises in terms of benefits!

Next thing i learned is that in whatever that you wanna be in life it will always have everything to do with people. How how to win with people is you have to develop your relationship skills.If you really want to remain focused on winning with your gift, you have to learn to look at yourself and at all times focus on what you can give. What blessing can you leave with every person you come across so that you just don\'t stop at being an event but remain alive in their lives. The problem with most of us is we are always on the selfish end, what can I get out of it?

 If we all practiced this attitude of giving, we all will be shining greatly. Believe me, there are millions of opportunities daily to give, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be something monetary or tangible. Give a smile, some encouragement, a second chance, some advice, forgiveness, belief, and time. Last thing i wanna share from my daily life is i understood what the writer said when i read not everything that glitters is Gold. Let your pursuit in life in anything not primarily be how much money you want to make out of it. Money should not be the first thing of pursuit. Don’t get me wrong. Money is absolutely important. But i have patiently and painfully learned that what makes money is the reason behind the money. Okay may be i lost you here some how but i will bring you right back from a speech i watched a few hours ago from Steve Jobs, He said, “Many people think that if there is no money to show in the path they have taken, then it is the wrong path. Well, not necessarily, Money follows passionate value!”

My name is Lyrical Mycheal and this is the LyllTalk! Thank you for following.

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