who is levixone
Who is Levixone

Levixone real name, Lubyogo Sam Lucus 23years old born on the 7th-December 1992. He is the first born in family of 10 children born to Miss Mutambo Winnie. He was born in Nakasongola and raised in Kosovo the outskirts of Kampala, stayed with his mom and step dad till the age of 10 when Levixone left home to start his own life due to the mistreatment by the step dad.

Levixone never went to school that much, he dropped out in senior four then joined a music school which he didnít complete as well. He went to Grace high Gayaza and Kasubi secondary school.

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He went to the streets of Kosovo where he started doing petty jobs like Garbage collecting, selling water and weed, brick laying among others at the age of ten (10). After spending three (3) years of a life hard he met his turning point which was; when had spent a week without food then he asked to perform at a crusade just for money as shabby as he was. By the grace of God he was given the platform which he used positively and he was liked by the organizers.

From there he met Marc Elvis (RIP), Crystal Fabulous, Tikitah who adopted him, discipled him then he gave his life to Christ, joined church and later on got sponsorship whereby he managed to go to school till senior four

His first song to fame was Nonya omu oyo which he sang from his own experience. It was first recorded by Marc Elvis and then re-recorded from Fenon records. Levixone says he looks up to Marc Elvis and Tikitah because of the love they showed him during his hard times, their love for God through the music they did. The challenges he has faced in the music industry is disunity as Christians entertainers and not being welcomed by everyone which he is actually getting used to.

Future plans: Levixone is now ready to go Africa and represent Uganda on the continent in the Gospel league Ė making Jesus famous. He is still planning of growing his charity organization; 92 Hands beyond Kosovo area. He still wants to go back to school and complete his music course plus doing a bible training course in the nearby future.

Levixone advises young people who look up to him to first of all give their lives to Christ, never stop dreaming and do everything from the heart

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