here is what you didnt know about joy tendo
Here is what you didnt know about Joy Tendo

She is calm, down to earth to down beautiful with dimples. Am talking about Joy Tendo Mata, I happen to have a quick chit chat with her and this is what she has for all her fans who follow her. One thing that stood out and amazed me most is that fact that she is the one who ushers in people who come to attend her shows, taking selfies, giving them that from ear to ear smile now that is what we call being Down to Earth.

1) Hello Tendo, can you tell us briefly about yourself
I am Joy Tendo Mata Nalongo a born again Christian the church girl who was born in church, grew up from church and still in church. I am married and a Nalongo. I am a gospel artist and a TV personality.

2) Joy you have said you are a Nalongo, when did you give birth to twins we didnít know about it?
Oh yes God blessed me with twins this very year so I have a reason to thank God for this year.

3) Is it the cause of the silence this year?
I have not been silent, I have been working have been having shows abroad and am still a in the industry just that I gave myself a break after the birth and trips

4) Can you please take us through your Music career journey?
I have been singing all my life however professionally I started singing in 2007, I remember I wrote my first song called Gwe weka in senior one but since I was young and still in school with no money I didnít promote it, so one day I was called up to perform at a certain beach in Entebbe where I performed in the presence of Eddy Yawe who liked my saw the talent in me, he gave me the opportunity to record music from his studio that sparked the Joy Tendo Mata you see and know now.

5) Last year you had a tremendous concert, should we expect another one this year?
Yah I had a concert last year at Royal suites Bugolobi and thanks to all my fans who attended however this year I have no concert like I said earlier I am having a break but next year we shall have one God willing.

6) What are some of the challenges you gospel artists face?
Gospel artists are not like other outside artists whereby they can sing from anywhere like bars to earn some living of which we gospel artists will only expect money in events and shows and also some churches he or she has called to perform.

And our leaders where we pray from have not supported us to promote us music like church pastors where by someone can prepare some show and the pastor doesnít appear there to support him or her
Also gospel artist lack enough money to promote their talent and their music to different radio stations and on the social media too and this is because some of them donít have other own standing businesses to drive or support them. Mostly when shooting the video and also recording too.

Others donít know how to talk with the radio presenters TV presenters whereby he or she can play your songs on air people to get know to you and to promote you as an artist.

7) What is the way ford for our upcoming gospel artists, any advice from you?
Never give up on your dream; itís the way to go above all trust God who gave you that calling. If you arenít yet a believer please accept Christ as your personal savior that is the best decision made in life. Have a strategic plan onto how you are to promote your music.

8) Are there some upcoming gospel artists you brought or promoted up through your hands?
Yes they are quite many, the likes of Afande Johnson, Isaac Gabunga and many others and I thank God that he used me mentoring them.

9) Any Ugandan Gospel artist who inspires you a lot and probably you would love to do a collabo with him and her?
They are many; God has blessed the gospel industry with lots of talent everyone is talented in their own capacity however Pastors Brian Lubega and Wilson Bugembe plus the Pastorís wife Julie Mutesasira work for me more

10) Any songs from these people you enjoy most
Pastor Wilson Bugembe >Bamunyita Yesu
Pastor Brian Lubega> Nungamya
Julie Mutesesila >Engabo

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