what your man wishes you knew
What your man wishes you knew!

This week Ronaldo helped Portugal to a dramatic victory over France at Euro 2016. This i know you are aware of. Then following his release from prison, former presidential candidate Kiiza Besigye - the peoples president - wrote on his Facebook page, “Praise be to God! I am glad to be back home after two months in detention! I am free for now but I can never be really free until our country is free’. well i don't know if we should celebrate he is out the struggle continues or we should feel sad because we sure expect there is going to be more tear gas and sounds of shots fired in our city. As the world was receiving KB’s release with mixed feelings H.E the president of uganda Yoweri Museveni took a photo of him self chatting on the phone while sitting on a chair on the side of a village road! Consider us two if you are in wonder whether the cowboy hat-wearing old man was pulling off a cheap publicity stunt or was dealing with urgent matters of national importance?

What a week already this is turning out to be! Enough of the intro though, amidst all the above I had the opportunity to interview 20 christian young men with a simple question, What is that one thing you wake every day wishing your girl knew about you concerning your relationship?

I was surprised by the truth she learned about these brothers after my interviews. I think you'll find these 5 fascinating! Even more, I believe that in understanding these issues, you'll be equipped to lead your relationship to a better place!

Jonathan Buyinza said: I would rather feel unloved than inadequate and disrespected. I need to know that she respects me both privately and publicly. I thrive when i know that my gal trusts them, admires me and believes in me.

From this i gather some men would rather sense the loss of loving feelings from their gal than to be disrespected by her.

Maurice Akampirila said: Insecurity. My biggest fear is when i am not cutting it in life. not just at work, but at home, in my role as a husband. Sometimes i may never vocalise this, but inwardly, I am always secretly vulnerable. So i ask him what did he want his woman to know? He said, ‘Affirmation. To me, affirmation from her is everything! If i don't receive this affirmation from her i will then go seek it elsewhere. When i receive regular and genuine affirmation from my gal (not flattery, by the way), i become much more secure and confident in all areas of my life.

Hood Favored Suuna said: Appreciation, encouragement and support. Intellectually, it doesn't matter how much or little I make or whether or not my gal makes more or less money in her career. I simply bear the emotional burden of providing for her. It's not a burden i have chosen to bear. as a man i am simply wired with this burden by God. As such, it is never far from my mind and can not result in the feeling of being trapped. While my gal cannot release me from this burden, she can relieve it through a healthy dose of appreciation, encouragement and support.

William Mukasa said: I struggle with visual temptation. - All of us men do by the way so Mr. Willy you are not alone - I respond to visual images when it comes to women. And, this doesn't just mean that i am not faithful to her, that i cheat on her every day, not at all. Even the most godly husband cannot avoid noticing a woman who dresses in a way that draws attention to her body. Even if it is just a glance, these visual images are stored away in the male brain as a sort of "visual rolodex"; that will reappear without any warning. I want my woman to know its her man’s choice to whether dwell on these images and memories or dismiss them. I keep on deleting them as soon as they register because to be honest no man not even i can control when these images appear. On Tv, in a bus, in the market, on the street, in a magazine, at work, every place were women are, some will show up ‘dressed to impress’

I asked my self the same question and believe me my woman out there some were, I want you to know that I care about your appearance. This isn't saying that i want you to look like Kim Kardashian, Aamito Lagum or the next Africa top model. What I really want is to know that my baby gal is making an effort to take care of herself (and not letting herself go) because it matters to me as well. I find my self involuntarily attracted and i appreciate sweetly the efforts that a woman makes to maintain her attractiveness. If i met you walking a certain way and i loved it, i expect every time i see you even after ten years, to fall in love over and over again because i cant get enough of how you move your legs and wiggle your body as you walk ……

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