This world is cold like no clothes and snow blown. Like when the devil takes the breath out of a baby's nose ! These are the words of a well known rapper i respect called Lecrea on a song he summed up by saying we live in a cold cold world.

If I had my wish I would live some planet where people are happy and kind and there is no crime. Were the houses are warmly coloured and the grass is green with friendly neighbours. But i know this is never gonna happen as long as i still breathe on this fallen world i call home.

I was not surprised when i woke up to the news about the terrifying ordeal that Kim Kardashian West went through when she was robbed in Paris a few days back. She is at an apartment all by herself. Held at Gun point. Tied to the floor. 4 million dollars stolen. Plus millions more in jewellery. Well we thank God she is okay and she had not travelled with her two babies.

A pastor in South Africa reportedly hanged himself after he accidentally sent pictures of his private parts to his church's WhatsApp group chat along with a message indicating that he was looking to cheat on his wife. In June, an Indiana pastor is believed to have committed suicide after he was charged with soliciting sex from a minor. It seems these days all politicians really care about is how to seek a re election in offices they don't perform in. I remember reading about an interview on TV of a woman who had been divorced 11 times. Her philosophy of marriage was its your job to make me happy. When her husband stopped making her happy, she got divorced and found another one.

It is absurd this is the world you and i live in. War, crime, deception and betrayal is what shapes our society today. I am not saying there are no inspiring tales of people doing great things but i want you to look around your home. Wherever you are, whatever country you try to escape to, there's always going to be horrible things that happen there. There's not way to escape.

As a young christian man living in a world surrounded by hurt and pain i get affected daily. I sometimes find my self doubting if God is actually interested in whats going on. I begin to question whether it really is worth being upright and straight in a crooked generation, because the wicked and the powerful seem to be getting the best deals. I so often start saying to my self - Why not me too? - Why bother being good in a bad world?

I always talk to you. This is your turn to talk to me. Help me see things differently! Share your views in the comments below!

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