CanaanGents and Kenneth Mugabi Mash Up

CanaanGents and Kenneth Mugabi Mash Up

When these two vocal empires start singing, you do not want them to stop, or even have a breather coz their voices just keep you entertained and sustained thereto.
Very incredibly talented and gifted are these beloved; @CanaanGents is a Ugandan Prolific a capella group, and they are gems at this I must say, well celebrated and their sensation is all over scooping the international spheres as well, and Kenneth Mugabi is one of those incredibly celebrated Afro-beat Soul Singers, he does it like no other, so unique in his writing and too creative per say, he was a runner up in the CocaCola Rated Next Season.1.

So these two decided to come up with a song, it is yet to be released, its on the coming soon; #KyekunkunaAudio coming soon!!!!


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