A Christian Fitness Class Launched in Kampala

A Christian Fitness Class Launched in Kampala

Many times we have taken this aspect of life as a waste of time or as something that counts not worth or something that isn't a neccesity but we decieve ourselves because when the body is in good shape and health it counts to our proper service to the LORD. Scripture writes and says; "That you may prosper and be in good health" which literally means that as our spirits grow and be in good shape, the same way should our bodies be in good shape, none can do something with a sick body, or one that is unfit.

So on the 27th of October Mr. Kigongo Ivan a.k.a DePreacher Ivan T.I.T launched this fitness class to basically help Christians enjoy and be fit at an affordable price. This is a DIVINE FITNESS CLASS that happens every Saturday from 8 a.m at the UMA GROUNDS and the good news is that its open to even non-christians or say born agains coz the gospel has to be preached to all people and all nations. 

Feel free to join in every Saturday
8 a.m, 10K

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