Seasons of Laughter and Merry Making 15 Years of Laughter with Pablo

Seasons of Laughter and Merry Making 15 Years of Laughter with Pablo

He begun off humbly, and did not give up on his dream of being one of Uganda's top notch humour creators that is; one of the best comedians Uganda has ever had and heard of. Pablo Kimuli a.k.a "Yagayo" "Happiness is Killing me" some of his catch name tags that have pushed his influence further than beyond the boundaries of Uganda and East Africa pitching tents in the International perimeters too, this man is blessed and I know God is still expanding his territories.

Pablo in his pursuit of comedy, he along the way worked with one of the prominent Christian radio stations Power 104.1 Fm under Watoto Church Central and he is one of those presenters that kick started this station in 1998 when it opened, doing the morning show that is currently being done by Ronnie habasa, Paul Ekky and Carol, with all his sense of humor, listeners always loved listening in to his show coz of his comic stunts hence making the whole show so enjoyable. Today he is now into full time comedy pursuit, and he is one of those comedians whose game is on A+, loved by almost everyone, even when it is your first time to watch him, i can guarantee you falling in love with his comedy straight up, he is just but gifted and talented for this.

For 15 years now, Pablo Kimuli has been into this comedy industry and we have all watched, seen and attested to his work ,and we can surely say, the increase is evident and success is valid and authentic, for this journey that God has taken him through with this his gift, he has decided to commemorate them in and with a grand celebration at the Kampala Serena Hotel-Victoria Hall on the 2nd of December 2018,

50k- regular
100K- VIP
2M- a table and yes this is causal-event which means, he is on a very great cause and that is to get all the proceeds go to the #EnganjaniFoundation; for the girl child. Join in and let us be a blessing.


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